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Absorbent Boom, Oil Absorbent Boom, Marine Absorbent Boom, Oil Spill Boom, Meltblown Oil Absorbent Boom

SpillFix Malaysia
Oil Absorbent Boom Malaysia, Marine Boom Malaysia, Oil Spill Boom Malaysia, Meltblown Oil Absorbent Boom Malaysia, Boom Malaysia, Absorbent Marine Boom Malaysia

SpillFix Oil Absorbent Boom or Absorbent Marine Boom is used to contain and absorb oil spill on both land, water and waterways including spills in drain, lakes, ponds, river, ports, wharfts and sea.

Made of high quality meltblown Polypropylene (PP) material, these absorbent booms have high retention and absorption characteristics on polluting liquids. Compact packing for easy storage, handling and rapid deployment.

Single use item, to be disposed of by incineration or in accordance with regulatory authority guidelines.

Oil Absorbent Booms are available in two sizes as below which are being used as a fencing for spills in sea, lakes, ponds, ports & wharts, rivers, draining systems and in many more locations.

  • Sizes : 3m x 20cm and 3m x 12cm
  • Packing : 4 booms per bale