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Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cell - Remove Water from Oil Tank

Easily & Efforlessly remove water from your Diesel, Petrol, AVGas, Hydraulic, and Petroleum Storage Tank by just inserting Aqua Zorb Water Free Cell

Aqua Zorb Water Removal Cell Malaysia Singapore Brunei

VJ Engineering Solutions Sdn. Bhd. is the Authorized Exclusive Agent & Distributor of Aqua-Zorb UK for the country of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei

The Aqua-Zorb water-free cell is a simple and effective means of removing water from the bottom of Diesel, Petrol, AVGas, Hydraulic and Petroleum Storage Tank by just inserting it into the tank. Aqua-Zorb is using fabric sheath containing water absorbing formula which eliminates the need for draining fuel tank to remove water. The cell can be easily replaced to constantly provide a method of maintaining the integrity of the oil, whether it is in a storage tank or on a vehicle.

The mechanism of water in tank works as below:

Water content of oil naturally falls to the bottom of a tank and can create breeding area for bugs that impact the quality of the oil. Traditionally, water is removed by draining it off at the base of the oil tank. But usually, this act always associated with health, safety and disposal issues.

Aqua-Zorb eliminates the need of draining water from oil tank. Aqua-Zorb's sheath contains and absorb the water and this cell can be disposed as a general waste rather than as schedule waste as the cell only contains water and there is no oil absorbed or contained in the cell. This is because the cell contains an inert, non-toxic chemical formulation which is designed to only absorb water and the formulation does not absorb oil.

What is the problem in oil tank?

Diesel powered equipment, such as heavy plant equipment, generators and emergency standby pumps etc. rely on having pure, clean diesel fuel in the tank. The ultra-fine tolerances of today's super efficient diesel engines mean they are extremely sensitive to any fuel contamination or fuel quality problems.

Fuel is easily contaminated through simple human error, poor fuelling practices and neglect. Water in fuel is bad news. We all know that water can wreck your fuel injection systems but it can also encourage the growth of "diesel bug" in fuel tanks - a well known phenomenon. A cocktail of bacteria and fungi that will live and thrive in water in your fuel tank, causing growth of slime and chunks of bio-mass which will easily clog your diesel engine filters and cause power failure.

It may sound extreme but some of the most powerful engines and generator systems have been brought to a standstill by something as simple as bacteria.

Oil Tank Contamination Type, its Causes and its Consequences

Contamination Type Causes Consequences
  • Poor fuel handling and transfer processes.
  • Leaking fuel tanks. Condensation within fuel tanks.
  • Poor quality fuel delivery.
  • Engine and fuel system damage.
  • Corrosion.
  • Fuel oxidation.
  • Diesel bug growth.
Condensation within fuel tank
  • Naturally occurring in fuel - increases with heat & mechanical stress to fuel.
  • Blocked engine filters.
Diesel bug
  • Grows as a result of water contamination.
  • Blocked engine filters & fuel components.
  • Corrosion of fuel tanks.
Gums, resins & acids
  • Oxidation of fuel, poor fuel handling.
  • Corroded fuel tanks.
  • Filter blockage & corrosion.
Other -e.g. rust, grit, soot
  • Poor quality fuel, Poor handling of fuel, corroded fuel tanks
  • Filter blockage and fuel system wear.

Best Solution to Remove Water from Oil Tank

Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cell

Remove Water from Oil Tank Malaysia Singapore Brunei

The absorbent in Aqua Zorb Water Free Cell is an inert, non-tocix chemical formulation, which is hydrophilic designed to acheive maximum results to absorb water and swells-up to hold the water. The formulation will not break down once mixed. The composition remains intact for the life of the cell, which is one year from the date of usage. Thefore, you can either place this cell into your tank until water fully absorp inaccordance to the cell's maximum capacity or leave it for one-year after which you can remove and replace with another replacement cell. Through this, the cell shall continiously absorp water in the tank.

Once Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cell dropped into the tank, the weight of the steel rod positions the cell at the bottom of the tank. And you may use the the attached cord to inspect if the cell has fully swells and absorb the water. Once the cell full, it can be replaced with another Aqua-Zorb cell, while the stainless steel rod can be reused.

The specially coated material act like an non-return valve allowing water to flow into the cell but not out of it. Made from heavy-duty nylon-type material, Aqua Zorb Water Free Cell is extremely strong and guaranteed not to break under hazardous circumstances.

Apart from that the matallic-woven feed and pull line also acts as a safety earth wire to ensure no static occurs and therefore, Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cell is safe and secure in your tank.

Location Aqua-Zorb Water Removal Cell can be used

  • on all Diesel Storage Tank

  • on all Diesel Vehicles - Ships, Vessels, Boats, Tugboats, All Marine Crafts, Rails, Haulage, Buses, Truck, Lorries, Generator Sets, Construction Equipments, Mining Equipments, Agirculture Equipments, etc.

  • on all Petrol Storage Tank

  • on all Petrol Vehicles - Vans, Cars, Motocycles, etc

  • on all Petroleum Storage Tank

  • on AVGAS Aviation Fuel - Avgas Storage Tanks

  • on Hydraulic Tanks and powerpacks of 46 viscosity

  • on all above ground Storage Tanks

  • on all below ground Storage Tanks

How to Use Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cell to Remove Water from Oil Tank

How to Remove Water from Oil Tank Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cell Sizes

Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cell available in 2 length, which are the 14 Inch Cell and 32 Inch Cell. For each 14" and 32" cell, there are options on the Width of the cell, on which the absorbancy capacity will differs. Below are the Absorbancy Capacity based on each cell size and width.


Cell Width Approx. Water Absorbancy (ml)
2.0 inches 299ml
2.5 inches 435ml
3.0 inches 656ml
4.0 inches 1,360ml
6.0 inches 2,759ml


Cell Width Approx. Water Absorbancy (ml)
2.0 inches 790ml
2.5 inches 1,034ml
3.0 inches 1,892ml
4.0 inches 3,279ml
6.0 inches 6,400ml
12.0 inches 15,140ml


When using the 32” cell, it is recommended that the tank rod is used. This gives greater coverage of the tank bottom and allows use of a far larger cell. This in turn equates to the removal of much more water.

It also works as a weight ensuring that the cell lies flat on the bottom and gives greater manoeuvrability of placement of the cell. Also it gives added strength and durability.

The tank rod consists of a stainless steel rod with SS316 stainless steel marine clips at each end to allow easy attachment of the cell.

It is recommended for all storage tanks, mobile bowsers etc. that the tank rod is used.

As with the smaller cells they come in a range of sizes due to the variation of entry to fuel storage tanks.