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Aviation WaterTest Kit

Measurement of water content in aviation hydraulics

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Aviation WaterTest Kit

Aviation WaterTest Kit Malaysia, Aviation Hydraulic Water Test Kit Malaysia

The WTGC-96-10000 Aviation Water Test Kit from GESERCO was developped as a joint project with AIRBUS INDUSTRY to respond to the need for a simple aND rapid detection tool for water presence in aircraft hydraulics.

The WTGC-96-10000 unit includes all accessories and equipment required for sampling the oil from the aircraft circuitry and measuring its water content.

  • Measuring range: 0 to 10 %H2O
  • Accuracy: ±100ppm
  • Time to measurement result: 5 minutes
  • Operating principle: reacting method

The WTG-96-10000 kit includes all accessories and reagents suitable for performing 160 water tests.

The GESERCO WTG-96-10000 water test kit is an approved ground support equipment for AIRBUS aircrafts.

EVI Test Kit - Mini Lubricant Analysis Laboratory

EVI - Mini Lubricant Analysis Laboratory Malaysia, Geserco Malaysia

The GESERCO EVI test kit is a true mini-lab allowing the condition monitoring of lubricating oils.

The GESERCO EVI kit is a stand alone kit designed for monitoring on the operation site 6 major characteristics of the lubricating oil:

  • Water contents
  • Particle contents
  • Acidity & Oxidation
  • Presence of sea water*
  • Viscosity
  • Dilution

(*) options

The tests are simple and rapid, and the kit includes comprehensive information allowing the engineer to make immediate decisions for maintaining and safeguarding the Motor.