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FASTANK - Collapsible Bunds

VJ Engineering Solutions Sdn. Bhd. is the Authorized Exclusive Agent & Distributor of FASTANK, Ireland for the country of Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei

Collapsible Bunds - FASTANK Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Fastank is the leading Portable Tank and Bunds Manufacturer in the World. Established in 1981, and with manufacturing plant of more than 25,000sqft, Fastank is global recognized and trusted brand for more than 36 years. Fastank manufactur Port & Marine Spill Response equipment.


FASTANK Collapsible Bunds Malaysia Singapore Brunei

A multi purpose secondary containment system to catch fuel or chemical spills. Meets environmental legislation – ISO 14001 and Oil Storage Regulations (OSR). We can custom make bunds according to our customer requirements.

Its avantages are:

  • Drop down walls to facilitate easy vehicle/equipment accesss
  • Simple assembly, zero tools requireds
  • Supplied in a secure durable carry bags
  • Durability - long lastings
  • Same day dispatchs
  • Adaptable in a range of terrains & climatess
  • Corrosion resistant & easy to cleans
  • 8 standard sizes but custom sizes available to suit yous
  • Easy to transports
  • Air inflation not requireds
  • Multi purpose uses - used in various sectors

FASTANK Collapsible Bunds can be used as:

  • Bunding of tanks and drums
  • Plant and generator bunding
  • Catches fuel and chemical spills or drips
  • Construction - Vehicle and equipment wash-down
  • Portable decontamination pool for people and equipment
  • Effluent, sewage and waste liquid catchment
  • Agriculture - infection control