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Pressure Switch, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Transmitter, Flow Meter, Flow Switch, Level Meter, Sensor and Measurement Instruments

We offer various kind of flowmeters and level meters. We have complete line of flow meters, level sensors and controllers in the flow and level control industry. We also offer customized flow meter and level control based on customer's requirements.

Flow meter and  evel measurement Malaysia

Pressure Instruments Product Range

  • Pressure Instrument
    • Differential Pressure Transmitter

    • Pressure Gauge - Ammonia Pressure Gauge, Precision Pressure Gauge, Diaphragm Pressure Gauge, High Temperature Melt Membrane Pressure Meter, Pressure Gauges, Explosion-Proof Electric Connect Point Pressure Meter, Oxygen Pressure Meter, Sanitation Membrane Pressure Meter, Isolated Diaphragm Pressure Gauge, Safety Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge, Stainless Steel Capsule Pressure Gauge, Shock-Proof Electric Connection Point Pressure Meter, Antivibration Pressure Gauge, Resistance Remote Output Pressure Meter, Differential Remote Output Pressure Meter, Acid Resistanct High Temperature Resistant Pressure Meter, Magnetic-Help Electric Connect Point Pressure Meter, Vacuum Pressure Meter.

    • Pressure Switch - We have all type of Pressure Switches. We supply ATOS Pressure Switches in Malaysia. We have all ranges of ATOS Pressure Switch for flange mounting; including ATOS MAP040, ATOS MAP080, ATOS MAP160, ATOS MAP320, ATOS MAP630. Its Features are Hand wheel with scale, Low hysteresis, Electrical data: 0 - 250VA AC = 2A max. 0 - 30V DC = 3A max.

      Below are the ranges of ATOS Pressure Switch that we have in Malaysia and its specifications:

      Model Description Diff. Pressure Higher Bar Diff. Pressure Lower Bar Max. Pressure Bar Setting Bar
      MAP-040 Atos Pressure Switch 3-40 bar 16 5 650 3-40
      MAP-080 Atos Pressure Switch 4-80 bar 16 5 650 4-80
      MAP-160 Atos Pressure Switch 8-160 bar 18 5 650 8-160
      MAP-320 Atos Pressure Switch 16-320 bar 30 8 650 16-320
      MAP-630 Atos Pressure Switch 32-630 bar 40 12 650 32-630

    • Pressure Transmitter - Industrial Pressure Transmitter, Smart Pressure Transmitter, Flush Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Transmitter with Intrinsically Safe Explosion Proof, Pressure Transmitter with LED Display, Standard Immersion Level Transmitter, Compressor Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Transmitter with Explosion Proof, Standard Pressure Gauge, Pressure Transducer/Sensor, Motor Oil Pressure Sensor

    • CXVG Serial of Vacuum Gauge

Flow Meter Categories We Offer:

We offer wide range of flow meter and below are the main category/types of flowmeter:

  • Rotameter or Variable Area Flowmeter for Gases and Liquids - The rotameter is a tapered tube and a float. It is the most widely used variable-area flow meter because of its low cost, simplicity, low pressure drop, relatively wide rangeability, and linear output.

  • Variable Flowmeters: Spring and Piston Flow Meters for Gases and Liquids - Piston-type flowmeters use an annular orifice formed by a piston and a tapered cone. The piston is held in place at the base of the cone by a calibrated spring. Their simplicity of design and the ease with which they can be equipped to transmit electrical signals has made them an economical alternative to rotameters for flowrate indication and control.

  • Mass Gas Flowmeters - Thermal-type mass flow meters operate with minor dependence on density, pressure, and fluid viscosity. This style of flowmeter utilizes either a differential pressure transducer and temperature sensor or a heated sensing element and thermodynamic heat conduction principles to determine the true mass flow rate. Popular applications include leak testing and low flow measurements in the milliliters per minute.

  • Ultrasonic Flowmeters for Liquids - The ultrasonic doppler flow meters are commonly used in dirty applications such as wastewater and other dirty fluids and slurries which ordinarily cause damage to conventional sensors. The basic principle of operation employs the frequency shift of an ultrasonic signal when it is reflected by suspended particles or gas bubbles in motion.

  • Turbine Flow meters - The most common outputs are a sine wave or squarewave frequency but signal conditioners can be mounted on top for analog outputs and explosion proof classifications. The meters consists of a multi-bladed rotor mounted at right angles to the flow and suspended in the fluid stream on a free-running bearing.

  • Paddlewheel Sensors - One of the most popular cost effective flowmeters for water or water like fluids. Chemical compatibility should be verified when not using water. Sine wave and Squarewave pulse outputs are typical but transmitters are available for integral or panel mounting. The rotor of the paddlewheel sensor is perpendicular to the flow and contact only a limited cross section of the flow.

  • Positive Displacement Flowmeters - These meters are used for water applications when no straight pipe is available and turbine meters and paddlewheel sensor would see too much turbulence. The positive displacement are also used for viscous liquids.

  • Vortex Meters - The main advantages of vortex meters are their low sensitivity to variations in process conditions and low wear relative to orifices or turbine meters.

  • Pitot Tubes or Differential Pressure Sensor for Liquids and Gases - The pitot tubes offer the following advantages easy, low-cost installation, much lower permanent pressure loss, low maintenance and good resistance to wear.
  • Magnetic Flow meters for Conductive Liquids - The magnetic flowmeters do not have any moving parts and are ideal for wastewater application or any dirty liquid which is conductive.

  • Anemometers for Air Flow Measurement - Hot wire anemometers are probes with no moving parts. Airflow can be measured in pipes and ducts with a hand held or permanent mount style.

Our Flowmeter Product Range:

  • Flow Meter
    • Fuel Consumption Flow Meter
    • PD Flow Meter - Oval Gear Flowmeter, Rotary Piston Flowmeter, Wet-test (drum-type) gas meter, Mechanical Meter, Liquid Roots Flowmeter, UE-F Double Rotator Flowmeter
    • Speed Flow Meter - Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Vortex Flowmeter, Turbine Flowmeter, XIG Series Industrial Gas Flowmeter, Open Channel Ultrasonic Flowmeter
    • Variable Area Flow Meter - Glass Rotameter, Metal Rotameter, Panel Rotameter
    • Mass Flow Meter - Coriolis Mass Flow Meter, Thermal Mass Flow Meter, XD Gas Flow Meter, XZL Gas Flow Meter
    • Differential Pressure Flow Meter - Orifice Flow Meter, V-Cone Flow Meter
  • Level Meter
    • Level Meter - Ultrasonic Level Meter, Anti-Explosion Ultrasonic Level Meter, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, Ultrasonic Sensor, Ultrasonic Level Difference Meter, Open Channe Ultrasonic Flowmeter, Ultrasonic Level Difference Instrument, Acoustics Well Depth Meter, External Liquid Level Alarm, Ultrasonic Sludge Level Analyzer
    • Radar Level Meter - Guided Wave Radar Material Level Gauge, Intelligent Radar Level Meter
    • Pressure Level Transmitter - Hydraulic Pressure Level Transmitter
    • Folk Level Switch
    • Folk Level Switch
    • Magnetic Level Meter
  • Float Level Switch
    • Magnetostrictive Level Transducer
    • Float Level Controller
    • Anti-Explosion Float Level Controller
    • High Voltage & Anti-Explosion Float Level Controller
    • Multi-point Control Type Float Level Switch
    • One Point & Voltage Proof Small Float Level Switch
    • Anti-Corrosive Float Level Controller
    • Float Level Switch
    • Side-Mounted Float Level Switch
    • Multi-link Small Float Level Switch
    • Small Float Level Switch
    • Small Plastic Float Level Switch
    • Float Level Meter
    • Stainless Steel Float Level Switch with Cable
    • Top-Mounted Float Level Sensor
    • Cable Float Level Switch
    • Key Cable Float Level Switch
    • Reed Switch Type Float Level Switch
  • Flow Switch
    • Paddle Type Flow Switch
    • Electronic Flow Sensor (Thermal Differential Type)
    • Stainless Steel Electronic Flow Switch
    • Piston Flow Switch
    • Baffle Flow Switch
    • Intelligent Pressure Switch
    • Mechanical Temperature Switch
    • Integrated Temperature Transmitter
  • Display Instrument
    • Flow Totalizer
    • Paperless Recorder
    • BI Intelligent Digital Alarm Meter
  • Chlorine Sensor
    • Pressurized pH Electrode Sheath
    • Glass pH Electrode Sheath Material
    • High-Temperature Pressurized Sterilization pH Electrode
    • Industrial Free Chlorine Sensor Online Analyzer
    • Plastic Shell pH Electrode
    • Free Chlorine Sensor without Film (online chlorine sensor)
    • Chlorine Sensor
    • Dissolved Oxygen Electrode
    • Industrial Pure Water pH Electrode
  • Bi-Mental Temperature Gauge
    • Anti-Explosion Bimetallic Thermometer
    • Bimental Thermometer
    • Contact Bimetallic Termometer
    • Thermal Tube Bimetallic Thermometer
    • Thermocouple (resistance) Bimetal Termometer
  • Flaw Detector
    • Portable Magnetic Flaw Detector (Multi-purpose probes)
    • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
    • Magnetic Flaw Detector
  • Temperature Sensor
    • Armored Thermal Resistance
    • Thermocouple with right angle elbow
    • Explosion-proof Thermal Resistance
    • Explosion-Proof Thermocouple
    • Explosion-Proof Thermoocouple (Thermal Resistance)
    • Petrochemical Industry-purpose Thermocouple
    • Special Thermocouple (Thermal Resistance)
    • Thermocouple (Thermal Resistance) with Temperature Transmitter
    • Thermocouple (Thermal Resistance) for Power Station
    • SBW Series Temperature Transmitter