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Flushing Oil Systems

Flushing Oil Systems

We are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of Flushing Oil System.

We also sell machines for companies that provide Oil Flushing Services and Chemical Flushing Services to Industries and Power Plants in Malaysia.

These Ultra High Velocity Pumping Units that deliver maximum velocity and volume (up to 16,500 LPM or 1000 Cum/hr) of Lube Oil that causes the lube oil to become a frictional force through cavitational molecular implosion on the walls of the piping.

This frictional force scrubs the inside diameter of the piping, removing varnished-on solid contaminants and sending it downstream to be removed by proprietary 1/2 micron Filtration Systems. This contamination is removed without re-circulating it during the procedure, reducing the duration of the procedure.