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Fuel Test Kit

VJ Engineering is the Authorized Agent of Geserco France

GOTest Kit - Portable Mini Lab

Diesel Test Kit Malaysia, Fuels Test Kit Malaysia, Geserco Malaysia

The GESERCO GOTest test kit is a true mini laboratory allowing monitoring of Diesel fuels.

The GOTest test kit is a stand alone kit that allows monitoring 3 major characteristics of the fuel:

  • Water Content
  • Viscosity
  • Density

The tests are simple and rapid, and the kit allows immediate verification of the Diesel fuel characteristics to acertain its quality. The kit is perfectly suited to performing acceptance tests.

Bacteria Test Kit - for presence of bacterias, fungi and yeasts

Bacteria Test Kit Malaysia, Backteria in Oil Test Kit Malaysia, Geserco Malaysia

The GESERCO bacteria test Kit allow for rapid and simple determination of the presence of:

  • aerobic bacteria,
  • fungi,
  • yeasts,
  • anaerobic sulfate reducing bacteria

into water, lubricating oils and bio lubricants, fuels and bio fuels, petroleum products and metal machining fluids.