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Industrial Services & AMCs

We offer Industrial Services & AMCs. Get an initial overview about the wide range of value added services we offers for industrial clients and projects.

On-Site Oil Filtration Services / Oil Purification Services / Oil Cleaning Services

On-Site Oil Filtration Services

We specialise in oil filtration services / oil purification services and oil cleaning/reclamation/rejuvenation of oils/fluids and also related products and services.  We offer Oil Filtration services for all type of Industries in Malaysia. We offer filtration and purification services for  industrial oils like Hydraulic Oil, Gear Oil, Transformer Oil, Turbine Oil, and so on. Our machine able to remove both solid particles upto NAS 4-5 and 100% moisture removal.

By performing oil filtration services, it will extend fluid life, reducing waste and the cost of replacement, and helping the environment. We can reduce your expenditure on fluids by up to 90%, in a large company that can mean millions of Ringgits / Dollars. We do not collect fluids for waste disposal or recycling but offer a service whereby we assess the suitability of the fluids for treatment and reuse. (The only exception is the industrial oil that hasn't been mixed).

Hydraulic Oil Filtration Services

Please note the important difference between recycling and reclamation. Oil recycling is a general term that typically involves changing a fluids properties ready for use as something totally different i.e. engine oil-fuel oil. Most oils end up as fuel oil and are burnt. Reclamation involves one or more of the following processes: filtering, dehydrating, washing, chemical treatment, additive spiking. Various equipment is used such as a centrifuge, vacuum dehydrator and various types of filters. Examples of oils that can be successfully treated: Hydraulic oils, lube oils, compressor oil, thermal oil, diesel, synthetic fluids, quench oil, transmission oil, mould oil, food grade oil, water glycols, EP gear oils, engine oils. Other fluids: Solvents, cleaning fluids.

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Laboratory Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis Laboratory Malaysia

We offer a range of services for providing accurate Laboratory Oil Analysis. The laboratory oil analysis includes oil sampling, laboratory analysis of physical & chemical properties of suspended contaminants and dirt present in the oil.

These analysis provides complete information of lubricant and machine condition which are further used to reduce the repair costs. Moreover, these analysis are conducted by our highly competent laboratory technicians so as to ensure that the laboratory results are accurate & flawless.

Below are our oil analysis services:

  • On Site Oil Testing or On Site Oil Analysis - for Hydraulic Oil & Gear Oil including ISO / NAS 1638 Test, Water Content / Moisture Content Test, Viscosity Test
  • Lab Oil Analysis - for Marine, Aviation & Industrial Oils including Jet Fuel A1, Hydraulic Oil, Transmission Oil, Diesel Engine Oil, Marine Engine Oil, Petrol Engine Oil, Gas Engine Oil, Turbine Oil, Gear or Gearbox Oil, Differential or Final Drive and Transmission Oil, Refrigeration Compressor, Air Compressor, Grease, Engine Coolant, Transformer Oil.


We provide full-range of oil analysis for Marine, Aviation & Industrial Oils:

  • Engine Oil Analysis
  • Petrol Engine Oil Analysis
  • Diesel Engine Oil Analysis
  • Marine Engine Oil Analysis - Vessel, Ship, Boat, Yacht, Diesel Engine Oil Analysis
  • Gas Engine Oil Analysis
  • Spectrometric Analysis
  • Coolant Analysis
  • Hydraulic / Transmission Oil Analysis
  • Turbine Oil Analysis
  • Gear / Gearbox Oil Analysis
  • Differential / Final Drive & Transmission Oil Analysis
  • Refrigeration Compressor Oil Analysis
  • Air Compressor Oil Analysis
  • Grease Analysis
  • Engine Coolant Analysis
  • Thermal Oil Analysis
  • Transformer Oil Analysis
  • Bearing Oil Analysis
  • Diesel Oil Analysis
  • Industrial Oil Analysis
  • Aircraft Fuel Analysis, Jet Fuel Analysis, Aviation Fuel Analysis, Skydrol Analysis, Phosphate Ester Analysis, Jet A1 Fuel Analysis

Below are some of our test that we provide. For other test that is not listed here, please contact us:

  • Fluid Properties Analysis:
    • Viscosity @ 40°C
    • Viscosity @ 100°C
    • Viscosity Index,VI
    • Base Number,TBN
    • Soot
    • Glycol
    • Nitration
    • Sulphation
    • Oxidation

  • Additive/Contaminants Analysis:
    • Mg(Magnesium)
    • Mo(Molybdenum)
    • B (Boron)
    • Ca (Calcium)
    • Zn (Zinc)
    • P (Phosphorus)

  • Fluid Contamination Analysis:
    • Moisture by FTIR
    • Moisture by Karl Fischer
    • ISO/NAS (Particle Cleanliness)
    • Acidity, TAN
    • Fuel Dilution

  • Wear Debris Analysis:
    • PQ Index
    • Wear Metals/Contaminants Analysis
    • Al (Aluminium)
    • Cr (Chromium)
    • Cu (Copper)
    • Fe (Iron)
    • Pb (Lead)
    • Sn (Tin)
    • Si (Silicon)
    • Na (Sodium)
    • K (Potassium)
    • Ni (Nickel)

  • For Engine Coolant:
    • Nitrite, Chloride, pH, TDS, Res.Alk, Conductivity and Glycol %

Below are some of our test method that we have. For other test that is not listed here, please contact us:

  • ASTM D130 – Copper Corrosion from Petroleum Products
  • ASTM D1500 – Visual Colour & appereance
  • ASTM D1524 – Visual Examination @ Lab
  • ASTM D1533 – Moisture Content
  • ASTM D1533 – Moisture Content @ 20 Degree Celcius
  • ASTM D2270 – Viscosity Index
  • ASTM D240 Gross Calorific Value
  • ASTM D2500 – Cloud Point
  • ASTM D2668 – Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)
  • ASTM D2709 – Water & Sediment
  • ASTM D2896 – Total Bse Number, TBN, BN, Alkaline Reserve
  • ASTM D4052 – Density / Specific Gravity
  • ASTM D4055 – Pentane Insoluble by Membrane Filtration
  • ASTM D294 – Sulphur by XRF
  • ASTM D4530 – Micro Carbon Residue
  • ASTM D4629 – Nitrogen
  • ASTM D473 – Sediment by Extraction
  • ASTM D482 – Ash
  • ASTM D4951 – Wear Metals, Contaminants & Additives
  • ASTM D5185 – Metal in Oil Analysis (Cu, Fe, AI)
  • ASTM D5185 / ASTM D4951 – Additive Elements, Wear Metals & Contaminants by ICP
  • ASTM D5293 – C.C.S Viscosity @ -35 Degree Celcius
  • ASTM D5800 B – Evaporation Loss
  • ASTM D5837 – Furan Analysis with Estimated DP
  • ASTM D6079 – Lubricity
  • ASTM D611- Aniline Point
  • ASTM D6304 – Water by Karl Fischer, ppm
  • ASTM D664 – Total Acid Number, TAN
  • ASTM D7042 – Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 Degree Celcius
  • ASTM D7042 – Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 Degree Celcius
  • ASTM D7042 – Kinematic Viscosity @ 30 Degree Celcius
  • ASTM D86 – Distillation of Petrol Products
  • ASTM D891-B – Density (Specific Gravity)
  • ASTM D874 – Sulphated Ash
  • ASTM D92 – Flash Point, COC
  • ASTM D93 – Flash Point (PMCC)
  • ASTM D9334 – Flash Point
  • ASTM D95 – Flash Point
  • ASTM D97 – Pour Point of Petroleum Products
  • ASTM D971 – Interfacial Tension (IFT)
  • ASTM D974 – Acid Number
  • ASTM D976 – Cetane Index
  • FTIR / ASTM D6304 – Water Content Analysis
  • FTIR – Oxidation
  • FTIR – Soot
  • FTIR – Sulphation
  • FTIR – Nitration
  • IEC 60156 – Dielectric Breakdown Voltage (BDV)
  • IEC 60247 – Dielectric Dissipation Factor @ 90 Degree Celcius
  • IEC 60247 – Resistivity
  • IEC 60422 ANNEX C – Sedimentation
  • IEC 60422 ANNEX C – Sludge
  • NAS 1638 – Particle Count
  • IP 385 – Jet A1 Fuel Analysis
  • ISO 4406 – Particle Count

Aircraft Fuel / Jet Fuel Analysis Services

We provide oil analysis services for Aircraft Fuel Analysis, Jet Fuel Analysis, Aviation Fuel Analysis, Skydrol Analysis, Phosphate Ester Analysis, Jet A1 Fuel Analysis.

Below are some of our test that we provide for Aircraft / Jet Fuel Analysis. For other test that is not listed here, please contact us:

  • Kathon Presence Detection Analysis
  • IP385 Determination of the Viable Aerobic Microbial Content
  • Particle Extraction and Analysis by Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  • Chlorine Content
  • Specific Gravity
  • Conductivity
  • Particle Count
  • Elemental Analysis by ICP
  • Viscosity at 40°C
  • Total Acid Number (TAN)
  • Water Content
  • Immunoassay testing

Transformer Oil Analysis Services

Oil samples from transformer are drawn in order to test the oil properties & to determine the quality of the oil such as dissolved gases (DGA), dielectric breakdown voltage (BDV), moisture content, Furan, Acidity, Interface Tension,  Dielectric Dissipation Factor (DDF), Specific Gravity, Metal in Oil, Sedimentation, Oxidation Inhibitor (DBPC Content), etc.

Below are some of our test that we provide for Transformer Oil Analysis. For other test that is not listed here, please contact us:

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) ASTM D3612
  • Moisture Content ASTM D1533
  • Acidity ASTM D974
  • Interfacial Tension (IFT) ASTM D971
  • Dielectric Breakdown Voltage (DBV) IEC 60156
  • Colour & Visual ASTM D1500
  • Dielectric Dissipation Factor (DDF) IEC 60247
  • Specific Gravity In-House
  • Metal In Oil (Cu,Fe,Al) ASTM D5185
  • Sedimentation IEC 60422 Annex C
  • Oxidation Inhibitor (DBPC Content) ASTM D2668
  • Furan Analysis (with estimated DP) ASTM D5837
  • Corrosive Sulphur IEC 62535
  • Resistivity IEC 60247
  • Dielectric Dissipation Factor @90C IEC 60247
  • Sludge IEC 60422 Annex C
  • Flash Point ASTM D9334


On-Site Oil Testing

On-Site Oil Testing

We are engaged in rendering On Site Oil Testing to our valuable customers. These Oil testing are conducted by our experts help you get an idea of the oil quantity in your machines and lubricating systems. Our services are widely appreciated by our clients for their supreme accuracy level ( above 95%). The range of services comprises on site sampling of oil, moisture detection in the oil using hand held Hydrogauge, measuring viscosity level in oils and various others. Our esteemed clients can avail these services quarterly, semi-annually and annually as per their requirements.

Our Services include:

  • On-site sampling of oil
  • Millipore Patch Testing based on ISO 4406 methodology and producing results in terms of NAS 1638 cleanliness classification. This test gives and idea of solid particle contamination and kind of sediments in the oil.
  • Moisture Detection in PPM / Percentage levels in the oil using hand-held Hydrogage
  • Viscosity Identification using Visgage
  • Routine service; quarterly, semi-annually or annually for on-site oil testing


Total Lube Management

Total Lube Management

We offer Total Lube Management to our valuable customers. Under this lube management we offer services like lubricants, technical support, supply of necessary parts. Reliable machine performance is thus strongly related to a well organized and executed maintenance procedure. In close cooperation with the OEM and several machine operators, lubrication charts have been developed to enable quick reference to the actual maintenance procedure. This provides condensed guideline to maintenance staff and documentation and traceability of the lubrication history. These total lube management services have made us the most trusted name in this industry.

On Site Oil or Chemical Spill Cleaning & Management

Oil Spill Cleaning Services Malaysia

We provide on site cleaning solution and management services. We use our oil spill kit, absorbent pads, booms and mixed equipment specifically made to use on site oil spill cleaning. We provide oil spill cleaning on land, oil spill cleaning on sea or lake or water, oil spill cleaning on vessels, oil spill cleaning on board and/or at shore. Our equipments and products are engineered, designed and manufactured in Australia under high quality standards in order to fulfill Malaysian Government regulations.

Vessel Tank Cleaning / Desludgging / Deslopping Services

Vessel Tank Cleaning Malaysia

We offer provides Vessel Tank Cleaning / Desludging / Deslopping Services (in ships and tankers). We are experienced and expertise in desludging field work and will ensure services met required standard. All the sludges will be disposed according to Malaysia accordance of SPAN rules and regulations for disposal of waste water and sludge at the approved disposal ground.

Oil Trap Cleaning Services

Oil Trap Cleaning Malaysia

We also provide cleaning services to clean oil trap in your machineries, ships, or land. Our highly skilled technician will be able to remove and clean the entire tank without any oil in the tank. We use high tech equipments to clean the trapped oil.

Corrective and Preventive Maintenance

Shut Downs, Corrective and preventive maintenance-malaysia

Breakdown Maintenance Service
We provide repair services for machineries breakdowns. Our breakdown maintenance service will never affect the operation or production or generate any significant losses.

Preventive Maintenance Service
We also provide scheduled maintenance ( cleaning, inspection, oiling and re-tightening ), design to retain the healthy condition of equipment and prevent failure through the prevention of deterioration, periodic inspection or equipment condition diagnosis, to measure deterioration. We offer two types preventive maintenance which are the periodic maintenance (maintenance consists of periodically inspecting, servicing and cleaning equipment and replacing parts to prevent sudden failure and process problems) and predictive maintenance (service life of important part is predicted based on inspection or diagnosis, in order to use the parts to the limit of their service life.). Through Preventive Maintenance, the equipment life can be prolonged by doing preventive maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance Service
Our Corrective Maintenance service will improve the equipment and its components so that preventive maintenance can be carried out reliably. Equipment with design weakness will be redesigned to improve reliability or improving maintainability.

Maintenance Prevention
We provide Maintenance Preventive Services by designing a new equipment. We study the weakness of current machines ( on site information leading to failure prevention, easier maintenance and prevents of defects, safety and ease of manufacturing ) and are incorporated before commissioning a new equipment.