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Mooring Systems

VJ Engineering is the authorized agent of InterOcean System LLC, USA.


InterOcean systems provides a line of aluminum buoys and steel buoys to provide rugged floatation for a variety of offshore and oceanographic applications.

Inmarsat Telemetry Buoy Malaysia-Subsurface Buoy Malaysia The Series 1800 Aluminum Subsurface Buoys are designed to provide buoyancy for taut mooring of instrument packages in coastal waters, bays, rivers, harbors, lakes and reservoirs. All Series 1800 Buoys are constructed from lightweight aluminum, and are durable, reliable and can be used individually or in tandem to provide desired buoyancy for all types of subsurface requirements.

The Series 3800 Subsurface Buoys are constructed of steel, are leak-tested and painted with marine rated primer and durable epoxy. These heavy-duty buoys have a higher depth rating, and are better suited for deeper water applications such as offshore recall buoy systems and other applications where recovery buoyancy is required.

InterOcean Mooring Swivels

Extreme Load Swivel:

  • Extremely Rugged & Reliable
  • Compact & Easy to Handle
  • Preserves Cable Integrity
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Long Term Solution
  • Maintenance Free

InterOcean's field-proven EXtreme Load Swivels are available in a range of sizes designed to handle working loads up to 900 metric tons. Precision machined from high-strength steel, these brawny, rugged, compact swivels are easy to handle and represent the latest advancements in materials and technology available for offshore mooring applications.

Mooring Swivels Malaysia.pngEXtreme Load Swivels (the XLS 175 is pictured here) incorporate exceptional Nylatron® bushings that provide numerous design benefits over traditional roller bearing swivels. One advantage is premium nylon bushings are water lubricated, thus they require no grease and are maintenance-free. More importantly, they provide optimal responsiveness to torque levels on mooring lines; swiveling freely under light to medium loads, then providing increased resistance at higher loads, thereby mitigating twisting of mooring lines and chains. Removing torque cost-effectively preserves the integrity of mooring lines and hardware, extends the deployment life of mooring gear and equipment, and increases safety. All rotating surfaces are "flame sprayed," providing an ultra-hard, durable and long-lasting treatment that's amazingly resistant to corrosion. InterOcean EXtreme Load Swivels are rated for all depths and can be certified by Lloyds, ABS or DNV for critical offshore applications.

InterOcean has been engineering marine equipment, instrumentation, and mooring solutions for over fifty years. Design of the EXtreme Load Swivel is a culmination of these many years of experience, uniquely integrating 21st century materials and technologies with engineered simplicity of design. Please contact us to discuss your application requirements and allow InterOcean to help engineer your mooring solutions.

InterOcean Acoustic Release Systems

Acoustic Release Systems Malaysia

The InterOcean Acoustic Release systems have been successfully used for years throughout the oceans of the world to assist scientists, engineers, offshore drilling companies, the military, Coast Guard, telephone companies, and a host of other users to accomplish important underwater tasks.

The Acoustic Releases provide a means by which equipment can be placed in the shallow coastal waters of the world as well as the deepest trenches of the oceans and reliably recovered upon command.

The versatility of the InterOcean equipment lends itself to a variety of uses. The simple acoustic release will recover current meters and other oceanographic instruments. The same equipment can be used to provide multiple command functions to operate complex underwater systems by remote control.

Rig Anchor Release
Model 6600 Rig Anchor Release offshore deployment. 2,000,000 lbs ultimate load.