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Obsolete Parts Fabrication & Supply

Your one stop solution for Obsoleted Parts and Obsoleted Components

Obsolete Parts Fabrication & Supply Malaysia

We are specialized in supplying and fabricating Obsoleted, Discontinued, Long Lead Time, Hard to Find & Allocated Parts and Components. We provide reverse engineering and Obsolete product remanufacture in Malaysia. Some of our main obsoleted parts remanufacturing and supplies are as below.

  • Obsolete Transportation Systems, Parts and Components
  • Obsolete Locomotives and Shunting Locomotives Systems, Parts and Components
  • Obsolete Electric & Electronic Parts
  • Obsolete Semiconductors Parts
  • Obsolete Electronic Components
  • Obsolete Integrated Circuits

We source and supply spares including those deemed obsolete and hard to find. Apart from that, we will be able to fabricate any obsoleted parts other than the above listed parts. Please contact us with your requirement and we will provide you the best solution that is cost effective for your organization.