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VJ Engineering is the Authorized Agent of MOBIMAR - Finland

Oil Recovery Vessel Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Oil Spill Pollution Cleanup Vessel Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei

VJ Engineering has been appointed as MOBIMAR's Authorized Representative / agent for Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei, selling and providing services for Vessels, Workboats, Submarines and Yachts.

The use of Mobimar's Oil Recovery vessels will minimize the deployment time and maximize the amount of oil being collected. With an optimal positioning of the different vessels, the oil spill can be enclosed before it starts to spread and make the operation more difficult.

Mobimar Continuous Oil Recovery System - CORS


Mobimar has developed an oil recovery system with a whole series of trimaran vessels, collecting more oil more effectively than other currently used systems. The smallest vessel Mobimar 12 is intended for deployment of oil containment booms and oil recovery equipment in shallow port and river areas and the second smallest with its wide working deck, Mobimar 16, is designed for oil combatting in port and refinery areas. Mobimar 21 is ideal for oil spill recovery in coastal areas and the largest vessel, Mobimar 30 out at sea. When all vessels are optimally positioned, they are able to enclose the oil spill before it starts spreading and further complicating the operation.

In order for an offshore oil recovery operation to be successful it's absolutely crucial to reach the accident spot fast.

Mobimar 21 CORS - Continuous Oil Recovery Vessel

Oil Recovery Boat Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Oil Spill Pollution Cleanup Boat Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei

Mobimar 21 CORS offers an exceptionally wide and stable working platform. The vessel hull form is a carefully optimised trimaran. Different load conditions have relatively little influence to speed. Fuel consumption is low allowing for smaller fuel tanks and better payload. Smaller operation costs.

FinnSweep® oil recovery system:
The vessel can be delivered with a well proven integrated FinnSweep oil recovery system. There shall be mounted two brush skimmers in a watertight compartment behind the engine room. Under pressure is created behind the brushes and when oily water flows through them oil is separated from the water separated from the brush with the help of a comb. After the comb oil is pumped with a dedicated pump to sacks, a deck container or a rubber container tank floating behind the vessel.

Mobimar 30 CORS - Continuous Oil Recovery, Stand-by Offshore Rescue Vessel

Oil Recovery Ship Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Oil Spill Pollution Cleanup Ship Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei

Mobimar 30 CORS navigates fast to accident area and collects oil with the help of 2*300m booms, integrated oil recovery system Finn Sweep and Flexible Floating Storage Tanks. This way it can collect 5000 barrels of oil in 8 hours and can stay Offshore as long as the accident is over. There is no other system similar to it.

FinnSweep® oil recovery system:
Due to integrated oil spill recovery brush skimmer system FinnSweep ( Mobimar Trade mark ) the vessel is extremely efficient tool in oil spill response. The brush skimmer can take abt. 100 tons of oil from the sea / hour. Theoretically this is 5000 barrels / 8 hours. This means at least 32pcs of 25 m3 Flexible Floating Tanks. The whole recovery system is designed for this capacity. This means that every hour 4* 25m3 floating tanks will be full. The change of tanks and arranging the logistics will be important. The vessel itself can stay at the sea as long as necessary if the fuel, crew and tank logistics are arranged.

Flexible floating tank system:
Because of limited tank capacity in all vessels and because of the price of fixed tank capacity in any vessel Mobimar feels that the most effective way to operate is to use Flexible Floating Tanks as the unlimited tank capacity. The vessel delivery includes 32 pcs. of Flexible Floating Tanks of 25m3