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Fluid Sampling Pumps-Fluid Sampling Kit Malaysia-Oil Sampling Kit Malaysia

Oil Sampling Case Kits are ideal for service engineers, equipment operators, marine surveyors and others. By using this kit, it will keep the sampling kits clean, avoid any contamination and are easy to carry around sites. While, the versatile vacuum sampling pumps will make sampling clean and easy. This Sampling case kit suitable for all types of oils, water, glycols, diesel fuel and many other fluids.

Fluid Sampling Kit is the right kit used for collecting oil, chemical and other fluid samples. By using this Fluid Sampling Kit, you will be able to collect fluid in the right, safe & hygienic way without compromising your health as well as safety. This Fluid Sampling Kit has been highly recommended by Professional Safety Officers around the world.

We have a comprehensive range of fluid sampling pump and Fluid Sampling Kit for sampling collection of oils, chemicals and liquid. Uncompromising constructed and excellent in finish, these pumps are designed using superior quality raw material.

Companies involved in environmental, chemical, water, and hazardous material sampling widely use our Oil Sampling Kit for their fluid sampling collection.

The Right Way to Collect Oil & Fluid Sampling:

  • Used in all type of industries.
  • Used in variety of application: Oil, Chemical, Water, Hazardous Material Sampling.
  • Small, Light Weight, Durable, Simple, Versatile, Easy to Use, Hygienic & Safe.
  • Its features allow multiple samples taken without cleaning the pump between samples.
  • High quality Sampling Bottles and Tubing

These Sampling Pump uses customized tubing and bottles that suits all type of fluids.

Below are the Fluid Sampling Kit brand and models that we supply:


Oil Sampling Kit - Geserco - Malaysia

Sampling Kit
Complete kit for sampling the oil to be tested.

The GESERCO sampling kit includes all accessories required for sampling the oil to be tested as well as accessories, tools and solvents for cleaning the analysis kits. The GESERCO sampling kit is a perfect complement for any GESERCO analysis kits.


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Fluid Master Oil Sampling Kit
Save Oil, Clean Oil, Healthy Machine.

The Fluid Master sampling kit includes all accessories required for sampling activities.

BRAND: Jet A1 Millipore Sampling Kit

Jet A1 Millipore Sampling Kit Malaysia

Shell field type Millipore Sampling Kit, used for collecting particles in the fuel on site, portable kit.

Transformer Oil Sampling Kit & Transformer Oil Syringe

Transformer Sampling Kit Malaysia-Transformer Oil Sampling Kit MalaysiaObtaining a representative and uncontaminated sample of the fluid to be analyzed is the first key step of a proper used oil monitoring and machinery predictive maintenance program.

When the oil sample is not truly representative of the oil state, the test result may be biased and the test interpretation compromised.

Our Transformer Oil Sampling Kits and Transformer Oil Syringe solutions include everything you need to easily draw, preserve and document a representative and uncontaminated sample.

Transformer Pressure Equalisation Kit (PEK)

Transformer Pressure Equalisation Kit MalaysiaPressure Equalisation Kit (PEK) is used as an aid in the safe extraction of oil samples from Hermetically Sealed Transformers.

The PEK equalises the pressure inside the transformer by drying and filtering atmospheric air that goes into the transformer tank. The Kit comes with a series of adaptors and camlocks fittings for easy installation.

Also the 1 metre clear hose allows the user to monitor any oil coming out of the transformer and checking the correct level of oil inside the transformer. The PEK comes with an easy to carry transport case for outdoors usage and safe storage.