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Reusable Absorbent Pillow

SpillFix Malaysia

Re-Usable Oil Absorbent Pillows attracts and “mop” oil effectively and only release the oil under reasonable pressure. Quick deployment will minimize and control oil from causing further harm to the environment. The pillow is RE-USABLE and has proven itself to be extremely absorbent in Oil Spill RECOVERY. Recommended as part of a technician’s tool kit.

The Pillow, made from natural plant cellulose fibers, is non-toxic and non-abrasive. The absorbent cellulose fiber does not absorb water (hydrophobic) and quickly absorbs oil (oleophilic) for immediate clean up.

Absorbent ratio of the fiber only is up to 40 times its own weight depending on the type of oil, viscosity and the surface of the oil spill.

Disposed of by incineration, by relevant authorized parties or in accordance with regulatory authority guidelines.

Reusable Absorbent Pillow Malaysia

Reusable Absorbent Pillows - Absorbs Oil only does not absorb water.