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Sensor-Speed Sensor Malaysia

We offer wide range of sensor and below are the range:

  • Zero Speed Sensor for Locomotives
  • Passive Speed Sensor - passive speed sensors convert mechanical motion to an A/C voltage without the need of a power supply. These self-contained magnetic sensors produce a magnetic field which, when in the proximity of ferrous objects in motion, generate a voltage. The frequency of this voltage is directly proportional to the speed of the object in motion.
  • Active Speed Sensor - This Speed Sensors utilize integral active signal conditioning electronics to provide constant amplitude output regardless of exciter speed. These speed sensors can be powered with a wide range of supply voltages and are compatible with digital equipment. These speed sensors can be used to detect ferrous metal and magnets in motion.
  • Temperature Sensor - This ranges from high-reliability turbine exhaust gas temperature probes to freeze sensors that protect instruments and equipment from sub-freezing temperatures. Temperature thermistor sensor probes are available in a variety of configurations. Temperature Sensor Technologies Used:
    • Thermo-Fuse Probes
    • Thermostat Probes
    • Thermistor Sensor Probes
    • Thermocouple Probes
    • RTD Probes
  • Proximity Sensor - This inductive magnetic proximity sensors are used in a variety of applications where movement of metal parts must be monitored. These proximity sensors are applied in counting, safety, control and other applications. We also offers models that are designed for use in turbine flow meters. These magnetic proximity sensor units provide no-drag flow measurement for high accuracy.
  • Smart Sensor & Controls - We offers a variety of signal processing and control functions including stop motion detection, under/overspeed detection, quadrature output and rotational direction. We specify the appropriate sensing technology depending on the application, then build in the circuitry to provide the control system the necessary signal. Signal conversion is done either internally or in-line. Our products can be configured to trigger standard switch/control mechanisms or we can provide the complete system. Our Smart Sensor includes:
    • Stop Motion Sensors
    • Over / Under Speed Sensors
    • Quadrature Output Sensors
  • Locomotive Traction Sensor - A variety of passive and active models are available. Many of these models include over-molded connectors for moisture resistance and strain relief. Multiple terminations are offered
  • Custom Made Sensor - based on clients specific need and requirements