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Turbine Oil Filtration Systems

Turbine Outdoor Transformer Oil Filtration System

We offer Turbine Oil Filtration Machine both the Standard and custom-made system based on client's requirement. The systems are manufactured keeping in mind the exact requirements of customers. These products are manufactured using optimum-grade components and spare parts so that these are in compliance with international quality standards. Our range cleans oil and removes contamination and free water.

Other Details:

  • A centrifuge cannot remove emulsified water from turbine oils, which acts as a catalyst to increase oxidation, causes foaming in oils and reduces component life
  • One of the major problems of continuous water presence in the oil is formation of varnish, which is a thin insoluble film deposit that is usually found on bearings and servo-valves
  • It is a high molecular weight substance that is insoluble in oil. Varnish insoluble are more than 75 percent soft contaminants that are less than 1 micron in size and are not measured by traditional particle counts. Insoluble compounds have polar affinities and begin to migrate from the body of the base oil to machine surfaces
  • Initially, the surfaces start to show a golden or dark brown color, which then changes to darker gum layers that hardens into lacquer. Varnish cannot be removed by a centrifuge. It can choke turbine oil filters, servo pencil filters, reduce bearing life, cause servo directional valves to stick & fail and can even cause turbine shut-down
  • Varnish’s propensity to attract dirt and solid particle contaminants increases component wear. Varnish’s insulation effect causes loss of heat transfer in heat exchangers