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Absorbent Granules

SpillFix Malaysia
Oil Spill Clean-up Granules Malaysia, Absorbent Granules Malaysia, Oil Absorbent Granules Malaysia, Hazmat Absorbent Granules Malaysia

Absorbent Granules is an inert substance that adsorbs Chemicals and Hydrocarbon spills immediately and can be swept off in the shortest time after application, leaving the surface relatively oil free. Made from natural zeolite, it is easily biodegradable for oil and light weight industrial oil absorbent.


  • Anti­Slip
  • Absorbs immediately on contact
  • Natural bonding action
  • Won’t leach back absorbed fluids (Locks in absorbed Oil/ Chemical)
  • Maintains strength integrity when fully absorbed and makes clean­up easy
  • Available in convenient boxes making it easy to store in factories or emergency response vehicles.
  • Dispose as General Waste (with permissions from local Authorities)


  • Simple and Safe to use
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • De­Dusted
  • Strong Wicking Action
  • Vapour Retardant

Each particle of coarse powder absorbs the oil molecules through the cavities and locks in the oil particles in a complex nature that will not allow the adsorbed oil to leak out. However, allowing the naturally occurring micro organisms in the soil to break it down slowly without any adverse consequences to the natural environment.

The encapsulated clumps of oil will act as a natural base fertilizer readily diffused into the soil when the microorganisms had broken down the oil. This Absorbent Granules pose no risk to flora or fauna.

SpillFix Organic Absorbent Granules

Organic Absorbent Granules Malaysia, Organic Absorbent Granules Malaysia, Oil Organic Absorbent Granules Malaysia, Hazmat Organic Absorbent Granules Malaysia

SpillFix Organic Absorbent Granules used to absorb hydrocarbon spills immediately and can be swept off in the shortest time after application leaving the surface relatively oil free. This organic absorbent granules is a cost effective measure for dealing with general liquid spills around your workplace. Organic Absorbent Granules can be used both indoor and outdoor.

These granules are lightweight and highly absorbent, working on oil and water based spillages. They are eco-sustainable and easy to handle. Contain the spill with the granules, brush in and up until no residue and then you may use a pan to scoop with granules and dispose it in-accordance to the law.