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VJ Engineering is the Authorized Agent of MOBIMAR - Finland

VJ Engineering has been appointed as MOBIMAR's Authorized Representative / agent for Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei, selling and providing services for Vessels, Workboats, Submarines and Yachts.

There are more than 30 tourist submarines in the world operating round-the-year, about a half of them having been built by MOBIMAR.

Mobimar Submaries Around the World

The best tourist submarine operation sites have well over 100 000 passengers per year, and altogether the world's submarines carry half a million tourists every year to the fascinating underwater world.

Are you planning to start a tourist submarine operation? Well before placing an order, you may need operation and marketing plans. Thanks to our long experience and good contacts with the major submarine operators, we can offer you a complete tourist submarine know-how package with feasibility studies and operation planning.

As part of the submarine delivery we'll also take care of the training and licensing of your submarine crew and if you wish, arrange an annual maintenance program.

Mark Series Submarines

Mark II, also called LS 250, was the first ever tourist submarine built in Finland. The first Mark II's were delivered to Saipan and Korea in 1987. The technology was largely inherited from its predecessors – offshore DLO's (Diving Lock-out Submarines), which were designed to be lifted onto the deck of a DSV (diving support vessel) after use.

Mark III is an excellent submarine with a proven track record of reliable operations. As technology quickly developed, the new submarine generation was named Mark V.

Tourist Submarines Malaysia Singapore Brunei

Mark V - a tourist submarine with no compromises! Mark V offers an exciting ride for any passenger wishing to safely and comfortably explore the underwater world. The vessel's durability, impressive battery capacity, excellent maneuverability and easy maintenance makes it a profitable investment for the operator.

The passengers appreciate Mark V's comfortable and spacious interior, with large windows for admiring the underwater world and a free standing height of 1.90 m! The vessels' stability makes everyone feel safe throughout the dive and the air-conditioning ensures the air inside is pleasant to breathe.

The submarine offers many features, which will guarantee a convenient operation and a fast return on your investment: the reliable AC-thrusters makes the vessel excellent to maneuvre, and the flush outer hull and surface treatment eases daily maintenance and cleaning. Submerging and surfacing only takes a minimum amount of time, thanks to the ballasting system.

The electrical system is a standard 400/230 VAC 50 Hz or 380/220 VAC 60 Hz, guaranteeing that economical electric spares will be available anywhere. And as the battery capacity is 3 times that of Mark III all daylight time can be used for diving, with ample reserve!

The Mark V submarine series has three hull sizes available for 35, 50 or 65 passengers to suit different diving operations and below are the model details:

Model 65 50 35
Passengers 52-65 42-50 28-35
Crew 2-3 2 2
Length o.a. [m] 21.0 17.4 13.8
Weight in air [tons] 130 90 65
Dives per day 16-20 12 8
Rated depth [m] 57 57 57

Tourist Submarines Malaysia Singapore Brunei

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