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Winches Acoustics

VJ Engineering is the authorized agent of InterOcean System LLC, USA.

Our winches can be designed to operate off ship electric power (AC or DC), hydraulic or air systems and can be Winches Acoustics Malaysiapowered by auxiliary diesel, gasoline, battery, or manual sources.

Custom winches assure conformance to almost any set of requirements, and repay the user many times over in convenience, safety, and efficiency. An applications engineer will provide technical details and assistance in selecting the proper winch for the job or provide a technical and cost proposal for a custom winch.

Special Features of InterOcean's Winches Acoustics:

  • Electric, Hydraulic, Diesel or Air Drive
  • Level Wind: Diamond or Servo
  • Digital Instrumentation: Speed, Length, Tension
  • Manual, Automatic or Computer Control
  • Low Noise, Instrument Grade Slip Rings
  • Computer Compatible RS232 Output
  • Rotary Water Joints
  • Custom Cables & Fairings
  • Custom Davits & Sheaves
  • Motion Compensation
  • Speed: Up to 100 m/min.
  • Load: 100-50,000 Kg.
  • Steel or Aluminum

InterOcean's Winches Acoustics Used Worldwide:

  • Oceanographic
  • Marine Science
  • Deep Water Pumping
  • Cable Laying
  • Towing